600w Digital Agrotech Magnum

Our Price
Lamp Substitution
Hortilux LU600 High Pressure Sodium 88,000 lumens - $55.00
Hortilux 600w Metal Halide Blue 39,000 lumens - $79.00
Power Cord Option
240v Power Cord - $14.00
  • Aluminum housing helps to keep the internal component cool
  • 120 volt or 240 volt capability (purchase the 240v power cord separately)
  • Short circuit protection buiot-in
  • Ninety nine percent power factor efficiency
  • DIMMABLE BALLAST:  Lamps can  be dimmed down from their rated wattage. .
  • Higher wattage ballasts can operate lower wattage lamps.
  • 5 year warranty.
  • Upper portion of reflector is constructed to maximize diffusion consisting of German aluminum
  • Highly polished aluminum directly above lamp
  • Manageable 10 pound reflector makes for easy raising and lowering
  • Comes unasembled   Final size is thirty one inches long x twenty nine inches wide by eight inches tall
  • This reflector cannot utilize glass or exhaust fittings
  • The five kv mogul socket assembly and fifteen foot lamp cord are included with reflector
  • Description:  1000w Digital HPS lamp
  • Brand:  Ultra Sun
  • Glasss Size: T-15
  • Burn Position:  Any position
  • Lumens:  90,000
  • Newly designed proprietary starter for greater reliability.
  • Ceramic insulation plate for better insulation & performance.
  • Stainless steel armature, instead of nickel plated steel, is stronger & longer lasting.
  • Green ceramic base to identify this as a digital lamp.
  • One year warranty.

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